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Placement Manager
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Business Manager
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  1. Mohammad waseem mir
    Sir job ka liya apply kiya tha sab kuch kiya exam bi documents bi diya fee 1180 bi magar parcel nahi mila

  2. Sir i m intrested with this job

  3. Hello,
    This is Tarang Sikoriya, I would i like to thanks shibani air services ltd. Only because of them I got my job in airlines field. Thanks for choosing me for this opportunity. And because of you people i grabbed much knowledge about airlines. The module book which was provided by you is very helpful. Not only in present but it also help me in future career. Thanks a lot shibani air.

  4. Hello,
    Thanks shibani air for giving me this golden chance. I am very glad to got this job in Air India Sats at Delhi IGI airport. Thanks a lot and carry on.


  5. Hi
    Mein Amir ahsan, thank you shibani air specially Rupa mam. Apne jaise mujhe mera job pane k liye help kiya iske liye mein whole life apko yaad rakhunga. Thanks again madam go ahead and carry on you work.

  6. Hello
    Friends Mei sameer ghosh farakka west Bengal se hoo. Mujhe v shibani air se hi job mila hei Kolkata airport mei loader ka post mila. Pehle to bohut deri hua tha job ka response ane k liye. Mei v socha tha mera paisa sayad loot liya but late se hi sahi mujhe job mila hei. Thank you shibani air.

  7. Hello,
    This is Srijana Ghosh from West Bengal, i would like to thanks shibani Air Company for giving me airlines job. I am working now as CSA staff for Bhadra International in Kolkata International Airport. This company is a genuine job provider. You can also get the opportunity through them. Thank you shibani air.

  8. Hii,
    Mera naam Gangaram hei, rajasthan se hoon. Iss company ki madat se mujhe airport job mila mera joining jaipur mein 2nd august,2018 se hei jet airways company mei as a loader post. Thank you shibani air and specially Rupa Anthony mam thank you so much mam. Bhagwan app logo ko salamat rakhe.

  9. Hello dosto,
    My name is Srinivas Verma from Hyderabad. Shibani Air Company is best company to provide airlines job. I got this golden chance only because of them. Thank you very much shibani air.

  10. Hello
    mein Sudhir raj hoon indore se. Maine shibani air mein apply kiya tha. But mere waza se hi mera joining ka late hua hei. Mera documents mein garbari tha isiliye dubara documents thik karne mein deri hua. Abhi mujhe Delhi airport mein joining diya iss company ne.wo v as a cargo super visor mein. thank you shibani air.

  11. Hello
    Mein Rupen Sarkar hoo, mein Bankura, West Bengal ka rehne wala hoo. Mein shibani air company mei apply kiya tha 3 months pehle, But mera passport k liye thoda late hua documentation mein. but this people guide me nicely. Mera airlines mei job ho gaya last week. Thank you shibani air for your all support.

  12. hi
    This is Raj Singha from ulubari, Guwahati. Last month i was applied in shibani air company for airlines jobs. I was passed their online exam. I got one module book which is in one word awesome for mine career, i learned many knowledge about airlines. It is a great company shibani air. Thank you very much.

  13. Hello,
    Mein Abhay kumar patna, bihar se hoo. Mujhe shibani air services ye mouka diya hei jo mein airlines mein job kar saku.mujhe bohot jankari hasil hua airlines bare mei jo mei pehle se nehi pata tha. Mera ek dost jo aviation ground staff k liye 3 lac kharcha kiya parne mei but result is same jobless. Or mujhe only 1180/- kharcha karke mil gaya mouka kaam karne ka. Dosto ye company bohut hi accha hei. App v try karo.

  14. Hii everyone,
    Mei rakesh kumar from jaipur, rajasthan. Shibani air services company one of the genuine company who gave job in airlines field with 100% surety. Keep it up guys and thank you very much for providing me this opportunity. Thanks shibani air.

  15. Hello,
    Mei Amanulla ansari from Hyderabad. Mei shibani air company mein apply kiya tha job k liye. Unn logo mujhse 1180 rupiya liya uske baad se lagbagh 40 din baad mujhe samsabad airport mei jane bola. Uss k next din mujhe airport bula k mera offer letter diya. Thank you shibani air mei bohut tension mei tha job k liye. Jo apne solve kar diya hei. Mere taraf se thank you very much.

  16. Hi,
    I am SK. Amir,from Ranchi Jharkhand. Shibani Air Company is a great company. They give me job in airlines in Ranchi airport. Thank you Allah app logo ko salamat rakhe.

  17. Hello,
    This is sheikh abdul wasid from jammu, thanks shibani air for giving me this knowledge, this module book and DVD very helpful for my job .thanking you shibani air for this opportunity. thanks again.

  18. Hii,
    Mei Amit Kushwaha Madhya Pradesh se hoon, maine shibani air mei job k apply kiya, but mujhe apna location mein nehi mila ghar se bohut dur posting diya hei. But job laga yehi bara baat hei, thank you shibani company. Keep it up, thank you.

  19. Hi na peru sam Nenu Recent Ga shibani air services lo apply chesanu from hyderabad so nenu ippudu Brand midas As a airlines(csa) so akkada staff kuda chal supporting ichharu but process annedhi konchem slow ga ayyindhi but ippudu nenu chala happy ga unnanu thank you shibani air services.

  20. Hello,
    Mein Md. Abu nazmul ahmed guwahati, assam se hoo, maine 10th tak padai karke baitha tha, ek din mere pass phone aya airlines job k liye shibani air company se, or mujhe paisa varne ko bola gaya. Maine dosto se udhaar leke iss company mei paisa diya or company mujhe airport pe loader kaam diya hei, mei avi guwahati airport mein job karta hoo. Thank you shibani air.

  21. Hi friends,
    This is Gulshan Wahid from Jammu, this shibani air company is awesome, good staff and behaviour of the team is very polite. Trust them they are actually giving the opportunity to join the airlines. You can also apply through them. Thank you shibani air.

  22. Hi friends,
    Mei Ram prakash tiwari from daniyalpur, Varanasi se hoo, shibani air company is the genuine company, wo log actually accha kaam karte hei.thank you mam and all the team.

  23. हॅलो
    मी अनीश लोखंडे आहे. मी मुंबईत राहतो आहे. मी शिबानी एअर कंपनीत अर्ज केला होता. या क्षेत्रात एक अस्सल कंपनी आहे. ते खूप सहकारी संघ आहेत त्यांचे कर्मचारी अतिशय सभ्य आणि सभ्य वागणूक आहेत. मला विमानसेवांबरोबर काम करण्याची संधी दिल्याबद्दल शिबानी एअरला धन्यवाद. खूप धन्यवाद.

  24. Hello Friends,
    Mei ishika srivastava from Kharagpore, west Bengal. This is awesome experienced with this company; i grabbed many knowledge about airlines. Their module book is very knowledgeable. thank you sir and also thank you shibani air company.

  25. Hi
    I am Jeeshan J. From Karnataka, i am a candidate of shibani air services. They actually good company, i got my job through them. Now i am working in Bangalore airport. Thank you very much sir.

  26. hello
    I am Priya chouhan from jaipur, now i am working with vistara as a CSA at jaipur airport. After long waiting at last i got this opportunity, but thank you so much shibani air.

  27. Hi Friends,
    I am Srijit mahapatra from cuttack, odisha, working as a Tag boy in baggage handling department at IGI Airport. I am working in Air India SATS direct payroll. Thank you shibani air for giving me opportunity to work with the airlines. Thank you.

  28. Hello
    Marum nama Hukumchand Patel che, Shibani air services ltd company eka saci company che. All staff of the company khuba binamra che. Hum Ahmedabad airport ma VISTARA company sathe kama karum chum. Shibani Air Services maṭe khuba khuba abhar.

  29. Mera naam amandeep kaur from bhatinda, shibani air company ka service bohut accha hei, thora late kiya process mein magar mujhe job mila, galat maat suno doston really ye company job de sakta hei, trust me. Thank you shibani air company.

  30. Hello friends,
    I am from shivaji nagar,pune, Maharashtra. And my name is Indrajit Apte. Shibani air services is the best placement cell for getting airlines jobs. They are totally awesome for me, those who thinking that this company is a fake company, for them i told you guys no that is not true, this company is genuine job provider. Thanks a lot shibani air.

  31. Thank you shibani air, i was wrong, and i think that you guys are fake but after getting my job, my thoughts is change, thank you sooo muchhhh shibani air.

  32. Very good experience with this company, HR manager is very helpful, she guide me properly, thank you mam for guiding me for getting the job.

  33. Thank you shibani air, this company cannot be a cheater they provide me the placement, yes it is true that the company not giving me the my preferable location but i got the job, and i think getting the job is important not the locations, thank you guys, i agreed with you, keep it up.

  34. Hi,
    Yes arjun i agreed with you, sahime doston ye company accha company hei, doston agar airlines mein job karna chahate ho to apko pehele training lena parega or usme apka kaam se kaam 2 se 3 lakh rupiya lagega, isiliye mei bolunga app training k piche maat vago ye company apply karo ye log tumhe job dega.thanks shibani air.

  35. Hii
    Myself poulongi pan from dimapur Nagaland, i went many place and company for joining in an airlines company but failed to found any trustable concern. 2 months back I was applied in shibani air services, they help me to get this job, by god friends this is an awesome company, at first they took too many time for joining me but early in Dec’18 they give the chance to join the airlines. Thank you mam.

  36. Hello Friends,
    This is Arvind Yadav, from Ranchi. This company can’t be a cheater or Fraud. I visited their office, the office is exist the mentioned address. And i also enquiries about the company in local area and people, they also support the company, since last 5 years they working in the same place, so guys don’t blame this company they actual genuine company. Thank you so much shibani air.

  37. Shibani air bohut accha company hei, mei bohut avari hoo iss company ka, pehle mei doubt kiya tha but unnlogo ne jab kiya or mujhe interview mei veja to mujhe yakin hua, shukriya shibani air.

  38. Hii
    Friends myself jimson from Bangalore. After completing my AME course i went many companies for the opportunity but nothing happened. But this company placed me in a reputed maintenance company GMR. Thank shibani air you are a great company.

  39. Thank you shibani air. i started working with celebi aviation company. this is a great company lots of knowledge i grabbed from them.thank you so much

  40. Majhi naama meenakshi chawla ahe. Mi Maharashtra shirdi rahat ahe. Shibani air services company, hi ek genuine company ahe, te mala airlines company madhe samila dehat. Thank you shibani air mala samil hoyachi sandhi deyasati. Thank you very much

  41. I am from guwahati.thank you shibani air services, Good job guys keep it up thank you.

  42. Thank sir for your help and guiding. For you only I got my achievement, god bless you and whole team of shibani air company.

  43. Thank you very much shibani air, so nice staff and guiding me a lot for getting this job, thank you sir and your team.

  44. Hii this is alok, shibani air company mujhse to cheating nehi kiya. Haa time laga tha 3 months mera v but mujhe job mila,wo v IGI delhi airport pe jetairways mei joining hua hei.thank you shibani air

  45. Thanks shibani air,i thinked that you are fake company, because there are many negative comments against you people,and but they are totally wrong who blame you, i know what is Airlines, and shibani air company saved my money from waste that. thank you very much shibani air.

  46. awesome experience with you, thank you shibani air mujhe job dilane k liye.


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